2020 Committee Appointments

MTS Management Committee

Following the AGM on 22nd September 2020 the following positions were appointed:

  • Chairman: Roger Foxcroft
  • Vice Chairman: Craig Chesters
  • Secretary: Jess Smith 
  • Assistant Secretaries: Laura Hammond, Lucy Travers 
  • Treasurer: Sam Parton
  • Assistant Treasurer: Laura Hammond
  • Publicity: Jenni Marshall
  • Ordinary: Mike Hartley, David Elliott, Bob Whitehouse, Amy Cameron, Bob Whitehouse
  • Social Committee: Diane Phizacklea

MYTS Subcommittee

The management committee have appointed the following members to the MYTS subcommittee:

  • Chairman: Roger Foxcroft
  • Secretary: Craig Chesters
  • Treasurer: Sam Parton
  • Publicity: Jenni Marshall
  • Ordinary: Sue Wilson, Diane Phizacklea

Sue Wilson has also been appointed to act as Safeguarding Officer.