MTS Foundation Terms and Conditions

  1. MTS Foundation tickets are intended for trips of children and young people, defined as those under 16 and under, still in full time education.
  2. Registration with MTS Foundation does not guarantee tickets to every show.
  3. Once tickets have been issued any cancellation and subsequent refund is subject to the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre Refund Policy.
  4. MTS Foundation is not responsible in any way for the wellbeing of any children or adults booked as part of the group and all responsibility is between the MTS Foundation registered member and their group solely, including any requirements for insurance, chaperoning, and other safeguarding concerns.
  5. MTS accepts no liability for loss, damage or injury pertaining to a trip organised via an MTS agent.
  6. Where travel has been arranged this will be via a back-to-back legal arrangement between the transport company and the MTS Foundation member. MTS acts as purely a booking agent and is not responsible for the provision of the transport service.
  7. MTS accepts no responsibility for fines, late payment notices or other costs incurred by the travel company or the MTS Foundation member.
  8. MTS is not responsible for the collection of any monies from those wishing to go on the trip, and will only with the institution or their representatives.
  9. The price for each child / young person will be given before time of booking and will be subject to change.
  10. For every nine tickets booked The MTS Foundation will offer a free ticket. The exact ratio of adults to children is at the discretion of the MTS Foundation member and MTS accepts no responsibility for ensuring that legal requirements or local council guidance is followed by the MTS Foundation member.
  11. Membership of the MTS Foundation can be revoked at any time, by either side.
  12. Details held of a MTS Foundation Member are available to be viewed on written request by the member, or deleted (GDPR “Right To Be Forgotten”).
  13. Financial and other details will be kept for the legal minimum term without being deleted.
  14. For any queries, complaints or other matters pertaining to a booking please contact your MTS Foundation Agent. Failure to contact your agent as soon as an incident occurs will limit their ability to assist, and may result in payable charges.