Information for Production Teams

Musical Theatre Stafford (formerly Stafford and District Operatic Society) has been reinventing itself over the past few years, both in terms of it’s name and brand, but more importantly in it’s show choice. Traditionally SDOS performed light opera and traditional American musicals, but over the past few years we have tried to reach a new audience, performing such shows as The Witches of Eastwick, How To Succeed in Business, and Spamalot! Our Youth Section has always tried to push the bounds of youth theatre, with shows such as The Children of Eden, Les Misérables School Edition and Honk!. We have picked up some NODA awards for youth and adult shows along the way, and pride ourselves on our shows.

To register your interest in working with MTS or MYTS please complete this form.

The adult and youth groups run separately, as the demands of each are separate. The adults rehearse on Mondays and Thursdays, from 7.30pm, while the youth group meets at 7pm on Friday. All rehearsals are at John Wheeldon Primary Academy in Stafford, and all our shows are performed at The Gatehouse Theatre, in Stafford. Many of our shows overlap, with a number of children invited to join the adults, though this depends very much on the show. You can read more about MYTS here.

The society itself is a registered charity (no. 501105), and operates under guidelines from the Charities Commission and NODA for the successful running of a charity for it’s members, many of whom are playing. In order to perform in a production an individual must become a member of the charity. Professional engagements are managed by the secretary and are subject to contract.

Our group, unlike some other groups, has an inclusion policy. All performing members must audition before a panel to join the society, and as such all are entitled to be in the chorus of every show. Principal parts are auditioned in front of the production team, and representatives from the committee, but every performing member has the right to be on stage.

We pride ourselves on giving the production team as much latitude as possible, within a budget assigned for the show, and seek to provide support while allowing as much creative freedom as possible. There may be technical or budgetary restrictions, so it’s important to us that potential production teams have a plan for the production, which is discussed before and during the staging of a production with supporting members of the committee.

Production teams may be asked to complete an extended DBS check, particularly if wishing to work with our youth group.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact the secretary, Roger, on